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PostSubject: F.B.I-Application   F.B.I-Application EmptyMon Jan 04, 2010 4:24 pm

F.B.I-Application Fbi-seal-plaque-m'

Federal Bureau Of Investigation - Application

Fill in the Application, And Please Wait in till a Response to Your Application, If Bothered, We Can Deined Your Application, Work out, And make it the best, !Caution! Copying Other Application, Well you get Premently Deined

[b]Basic Data[/b]

[b]Date of Birth:[00/00/0000][/b]
[b]Extended Data[/b]

[b]Life Story: (A long one raises the chance to be accepted)[/b]

[b]Earlier Occupations:[/b]
[b]Do you have experience with Law Enforcement? If yes, what kind of? (If OOC Experiences, include!)[/b]
[b]Why do you want to be a Federal Agent?[/b]
[b]What do you want to reach as a Federal Agent??[/b]
[b]Have you ever commited a crime?[DATABASE WILL BE CHECKED!][/b]
[b]Do you hold a legal Los Santos Driving License?[/b]
[b]Do you hold a legal Los Santos Firearm License?[/b]
[b]Do you have experience with guns?[/b]
[b]If yes, in which relation?[/b]

[b](( OOC Data ))[/b]

[b]Ingame Level: (This doesn't affect your Application)[/b]
[b]Previous Ingame Names:.[/b]
[b]Origin [COUNTRY]:[/b]
[b]Do you have Team Speak?:[/b]
[b]Can you effectively communicate in english?:.[/b]
[b]Do you have a microphone? [YET OPTIONAL]:[/b]
[b]Are you willing to use the microphone in order to create a better communication within the LSPD?:[Yes/No][/b]
[b]Are you prepared for unannounced trainings within your Duty as Officer?:[/b]
[b]Are you prepared to write Crimefiles for a better Roleplay Experience?:[/b]
[b]How long are you playing everyday?[Approximately in hours]:[/b]
[b]How long have you been playing on the server?:[/b]
[b]How long have you been Roleplaying?:[/b]
[b]Have you ever been Admin-Jailed? Reason!:[/b]
[b]Have you ever been kicked/banned? Reason!:.[/b]
[b]What is your Warnlevel (Ask an Administrator to check that!):[/b]
[b]Do you know what Powergaming and Metagaming is?:[/b]
[b]What's our Policy on this?:.[/b]
[b]Give an Example of Powergaming:[/b]
[b]Give an Example of Metagaming:[/b]

[b]Do you agree playing more than 75% of your whole playtime with your Police Character:[/b]
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