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PostSubject: F.B.I-Laws   F.B.I-Laws EmptyTue Dec 29, 2009 5:38 pm

F.B.I-Laws Fbi-seal-plaque-m
Federal bureau of investigation


Firing at a Federal Agent, Will Cost you 30 years of your life, And 10000$ in Fees (30minutes)

The Crimals, or Wanted Personal Who leave the City, And move to the other city will be arrested and will come back on ?The Known City and be trown in jaill

Robbing a Total number for 3 banks, the F.B.I will be after the criminals and after the Man hunt you will be in jaill for about 10 years

Killing or Kidnaping will Put you in jail for about 20 years.

Pull Over If F.B.I Ask you to, Do not disobey, You might be Shoot or Thrown in Jail

Killing or Kidnaping a F.B.I agent Will Put you in jail for 35 years

Killing or Kidnaping a Police Officer Will Put you in jail for 25 years

Disobeying a F.B.I Agent, You will be Fined

Trying to hack into Goverment System or Trying to Kill the Mayor , Will be Sentenced to Quick and Painless Death.

The Moste Best Crimals will be searched by interpol [who will be created by the best LSPD cops and FBI agents]

Killing the Mayor the Wanted Criminal will be catched and will be arrested at F.B.I jail for life (( 3 hours ))
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